You have decided that you would like to change perhaps a habit, substance abuse or any type of addiction.

    Life is busy and stressful for most of us today and sometimes the thought of change can feel overwhelming with mild to severe discomforts. But the good thing is, when we have a clear WHY deeply embedded in our minds helps enhance the process of change which every cell in your body desires for us, especially in the case when it will lead to positive change as our cells are designed to heal, repair, and rejuvenate.– change is not easy but on the difficult days when we are tempted to fall back into our old ways the WHY list is such a powerful reminder that we are indeed so much more than the habit – and, every single cell is listening and responding, you can feel it!

    When I worked with alcohol and drug affected people, we would have weekly meetings. I would give each of them a folder and on the first page of that folder they displayed their WHY’ list. They were asked to read their list each morning before getting out of bed to help set the day ahead to instil the intention so the WHY became stronger than the desire to drink or take drugs.

    Some people don’t have a clue WHY only that their lives had become unmanageable. It’s really helpful that you are specific with your why list. So, I would ask to list all the things they don’t want in their lives. This would help immensely to turn this around into a ‘why’, a ‘reason’ for staying sober. For example, “My family won’t talk to me anymore” can be “I want a good relationship with my family.” You will be amazed how many ‘whys’ you will come up with when you do this exercise. The WHY is your strength, your true authentic self.

    Everyday read your WHY list add whenever a thought of a new reason WHY comes into your mind – write it down. You are now focused on the WHY and not all the negative things you have been projecting on yourself, beating yourself up and the frustrations which come from addictions.

    Take your WHY list every day with you. Your cells are on fire when you focus on the WHY – they hear your reasons and will respond. Isn’t that exciting!


    Complete this WHY list and place it somewhere for you to read daily. First thing in the morning before you get out of bed is best so you can implant in your brain and consciousness what you are striving for.

    Note: The first column is a list of what you don’t want. The second column is the opposite and is what YOU DO WANT! The second column is the WHY and what you read and focus on when you are in the process of change.


    WHY I want to stop smoking, drinking, drugging. OR perhaps it is something else you would like to change.

    What is important to me?

    What are my values?

    Here is an example of how you list will look….

    These are my WHY’s:

    What I don’t WANT What I WANT (is the opposite statement of the 1st column)
    e.g. I am so weak, I can’t give up There is a strong part of me that I love
    Or, I don’t like what this is doing to my health My health is improving every day

    Break up your why list into sections of Health, Financial, Family, Relationships, Spiritual, Other. And allow your mind to wander in curiosity and wonder.

    Curiosity and wonder will help open parts of yourself and in your mind that have been shut down and out of sight for some time, the true essence of who you are rises and shines in the most fascinating ways. Think about how you ‘feel’ about certain aspects of your life that is giving you grief…write that down in the first column and turn it into an opposite statement in the 2nd column.

    why list



    WHAT I DON’T WANT WHAT I WANT – THIS IS MY WHY (the WHY you focus on)



















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