• Create Your Own Clay Spa & Detox Bath at Home

    If you’ve never tried a clay bath then you are missing out on a natural, heavenly and powerful detox as well as many other benefits. And although it would be nice, you don’t have to go to a Health Spa to get one, or funds are limited, you can do it from home.

    Balneology: “The science of baths or bathing, especially the study of the therapeutic use of mineral baths in the treatment of various maladies.”

    For centuries the benefits of therapeutic bathing have been recognized throughout Europe & Asia as a remedy to relieve pain and improve the general well being of the body and the spirit. Balneotherapy is one of the oldest natural health practices; historically people have flocked to luxury spas for recreation and treatment.

    But the knowledge of bathing in clay goes back to ancient times. Immersing oneself in bentonite clay which is found at the side of a river bed was once an essential practice for health and healing.

    Bathe in Earth’s Natural Energy & Healing Properties – Bathe Yourself In Clay

    Why Bathe in Clay?

    A major channel of elimination is through the sweat glands, the pores of the skin. Clays drawing and absorptive properties can assist the body in its quest to maintain optimal health. Immersing oneself fully in a warm clay bath relaxes muscles and opens the pores of the skin, allowing clay to absorb impurities and unhealthy pollutants.

    In “Energy to Heal”, by Wendell Hoffman through his own research, Hoffman found that a pure high grade Bentonite used in a bath can actually draw out many of these pollutants . After many experiments, he concluded that optimum results is obtained by immersing oneself in a tub of very warm water mixed with Bentonite clay for 20 minutes or longer. Not just any clay will do though. It is crucial to use “clean clay”!

    The skin is “the largest eliminative organ of the human body”. It has the largest surface area of all the organs. But there are many other uses for Mother Earths gift of healing such as colon cleansing, pain, stings/bites, radiation protection, and parasites.

    More interesting ways clay has been used

    Russian nuclear workers doused in Bentonite Clay before working with nuclear material and have been using clay for the Russian population for 60 years.  In 1986 after the Chemobyl fallout, the government made chocolate bars with french green clay for the population. French green clay is simply Bentonite Clay which is green!

    During the First World War, the Russian soldiers received 200 grams of clay along with their rations, and it was added to mustard in several of the French regiments, who remained free of the dysentery which ravaged nearby regiments.
    The Japanese “razed” their nuclear power plants damaged by the earthquake under a layer of clay to absorb radiation.
    After a clay bath you may notice a feeling of calm, relaxation, lightness, and your mind may be clear.

    The best clean pure clay products I found in Australia are excellent for detox baths and very easy to prepare. As a guide an adult will use 1-4 cups of Bentonite Clay.

    And don’t forget your children! Add clay to their bath and explain to them the benefits. This has a soothing action as well as help detox impurities which our children are subjected to – they need it now more than ever.



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