• Don Tolman Bali Detox 2018

    Don Tolman Retreat Fasting Detox in Bali

    Don Tolman & Lyn Nichols Bali Retreat

    2017 – November 23rd – December 1st  **ONLY ONE ROOM LEFT** for couple or one person (book now) 

    2018 – APRIL 1st – 9th 2018 – now open for bookings

    All inquiries to Kathy Hughes,

    “Our holistic healing retreats are for anyone wishing to relax, detoxify, heal or just re-energise mind, body and spirit. If you are feeling in need of some nurturing, experiencing physical pain or disease, trauma or grief, we would love to have you along! ONLY YOUR BODY CAN HEAL ITSELF THEREFORE OUR FOCUS IS TO OFFER A SAFE AND POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT WHILST ASSISTING YOU TO HEAL EMOTIONALLY, PHYSICALLY AND ENERGETICALLY.” – Lyn Nichols

    Lyn has hosted successful detox retreats in Australia for 8 years but has since moved to Bali to pursue her passions – you will have 7 days with Don Tolman to learn of ancient teachings and health.

    Whether you are seeking a health retreat to detoxify physically or emotionally, looking for a yoga retreat, or just wanting to experience a beautiful healing journey of mind, body & spirit in stunning peaceful surrounds, Poinciana Resort/ Poinciana Retreat Centre Bali has the perfect package to accommodate you.


    2017 & 2018 HEALTH RETREAT BALI CALENDAR…(please note only one room left for 2017, November Retreat)

    2017 DON TOLMAN RETREAT DATES: November 23rd – December 1st.

    2018 DON TOLMAN RETREAT DATES: April 17th – 25th April 

    9 Day Healing Retreat including 7 days with Healing With Wholefoods Medicine Man- Don Tolman.

    Don Tolman Detox or fasting retreat, Bali Detox Retreat with Don Tolman


    INCLUDES: 1 Night Raw Food, 1 Day Juice Fasting, 5 Days Water Fasting, 1 Day Juice Fasting, 1 Day Raw Food. Please Note: Fasting is optional. Juices & raw food available at additional fee.

    Just a few weeks to go now and those attending 2017 November Retreat will be experiencing the powerful healing energy of the nature that surrounds us here in this magical little valley, as they fast on pristine spring water straight from the rocks if desired, or alternatively, we are blessed to have this water running from our taps.

    Note: only one room left for November 2017 Retreat so book now! April 2018 is also open for bookings now.

    We begin our healing journey with a delicious raw jungle dinner then merge into one day of cabala juice fasting before our five days of water fasting, breaking the water fast with a day on juices giving us a total of seven days and seven nights of fasting. One day on raw foods will complete the healing journey and allow integration back into ‘normality’ for those guests heading home or elsewhere. For a couple of our guests however, it’s back to the nature with me for another 7 or more days of fasting, raw foods, emotional healing and other therapies, allowing for a complete detox of mind, body and spirit.

    Personally, I can never get enough of Don’s incredible knowledge when it comes to ancient wisdom, health, natural healing and pretty much everything and anything for that matter! Offering this retreat in such an intimate way will allow each attendee the time and opportunity to have their most heartfelt questions answered face to face with Don as he shares the ‘nuggets’ of wisdom he’s discovered during his 40+ year search for ‘Truest Truths’.

    For instance, did you know that the ancient lady healers of Egypt, called the Swinyette, had the job of delivering an apple a day to every person in their village and every person in the village knew that it was their responsibility to eat that apple to keep the doctor away! This is where the saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away actually came from! And did you know that the signature food for the lungs is the potato! The starch in the potato acts like little sponges and draws toxicity from the lungs allowing healing to take place. How cool is that, especially when we have been advised to stay right away from potato! Fascinating isn’t it. Well, it’s these little ‘nuggets’ along with Don’s extensive expertise when it comes to health and healing and the protocols to heal the body naturally that we will all have the privilege of for 7 days. Woohoo… the count down is on!!

    There will be 10 rooms only available so let me know if this resonates and you would like to come play in the jungle!

    Contact: Kathy Hughes – to secure your place or for any questions you may have, or alternatively, send me a message via FB.

    PACKAGE INCLUSIONS (for 2017 November and 2018 April Retreats) Dates are showing November Retreat Program which is the same for April 2018

    Day One Arrival – Shared transfer from airport to your Jungle Accommodation North Bali

    27th – Shared transfer from Jungle to Poinciana Seaside Resort and Retreat Centre

    30th – Shared transfer from North Bali to Ubud Hotel

    1st Dec – Shared transfer from Ubud to Airport

    4 x night’s Homestay Jungle Accommodation North Bali

    3 x night’s accommodation – Poinciana Resort North Bali

    7 days – Daily with Don Tolman. 3hr morning Q and A session and afternoon/evening topic session

    6 days x 1hr yoga/gentle exercise

    1 x 1hr intuitive healing- (culmination of different modalities such as rebirthing, EM, Ki energetic balancing technique, Reiki, Bowen Therapy, Ayurvedic massage, Chi neitsang (abdominal massage) Kinesiology)

    1 x 1hr energy healing

    1 x visit to Mt Batur Thermal Springs

    3 x 1.5hr massages

    2 x jungle campfire vibrational healing via crystal singing bowl and digeridoo

    1 x sunrise dolphin cruise. Take a traditional jukung out to join the dolphins for a spectacular sunrise off the north coast. Spotted dolphins, spinner dolphins and bottle nosed dolphins are among the species in the area. It’s a 6am start right from the beach at Poinciana. Return time is before breakfast

    1 x Les Waterfall guided excursion

    1 x night beach fire

    Raw meals… Dinner on arrival night, Breakfast and lunch on departure day
    Juices- 2 days x 3 juices per day
    Coconuts- morning and afternoon tea on juicing days
    Pure Spring Water
    Enema Douche Travel Kit for daily colon cleansing whilst fasting
    Organic Product Pack (shampoo, conditioner, bodywash)

    Your investment… AUD $3995- private room

    $450 deposit required to secure your accommodation… Payment via paypal or direct credit.

    Balance is due 4 weeks prior to retreat commencement.

    Optional Extras

    The powerful 8 day Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse… $165 (if you would like to include this very effective colon cleanse with your juice fast, in order to remove toxic plaque from the body- you can pre-order this via my website www.lynnienichols/shop and bring with you.
    Massage and Spa Therapies… $20+
    Life-Coaching session… 1.5hr $100
    Journey Emotional Healing… 2hr $195

    7 Extra Days & 7 Nights of Healing in North Bali… (max 4 guests)- Package includes Jungle and Resort accommodation, 3 x raw meals per day or option to fast… 2 x Journey emotional healing sessions, 1 x Voice Dialogue session, 1 x life-coaching session, 1 x craniosacral/energy healing session, 3 x 1hr massages, 6 x gentle exercise sessions, daily meditation $1995

    Contact Kathy for more information – Email:

    Lyn Nichols

    So we have just kicked off our ongoing Holistic Healing retreats and as always, I am left humbled by the incredible transformations that take place by simply offering the body the correct healing environment. We are self-healing beings and water fasting combined with emotional healing is natures way, not just as a means for healing the physical body, but in fact for re-connecting us to the truth of whom we really are, re-connecting us to our Spirit. For one lady, the past 10 days have been absolutely life changing, and although she wondered what the bloody hell she was doing during the water fast phase of her detox, just 2 days out of the fast “this is the best day of my life” she said, experiencing a level of joy and love previously unknown to her! This is the power of holistic healing! When we treat the cause and not just the symptom, true healing occurs on all levels …Here’s the heart- warming testimonial Sally left me with

    Lyn has quite simply given me the gift of life… A 10 day retreat which included 6 days of water fasting has changed my life forever. It has changed me into the person I truly am. The magical hidden valley in Bali where the retreat was held is idyllic and the perfect place for a pure holistic healing of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Getting back to the serenity of nature, feeling the energy and cleansing the soul of old beliefs has been incredible. The Journey and Voice Dialogue are two of the most powerful therapies I have ever experienced.
    Yes, the water fasting was hard at times and the detox symptoms awful, but I knew that my body was shedding years of toxicity. Lyn was always professional and incredibly supportive, encouraging me every step of the way whilst being aware of what I needed as an individual. Her softness and compassion shines through and she readily shares her vast knowledge. I have learnt more this week from Lyn than I have from all the books and courses that I have read or attended over the years. So many ‘aha’ moments!
    I cannot thank Lyn enough for what she has done for me. I am just in awe of it all. An absolutely outstanding retreat that gave me more than I could ever have imagined.
    I will now go on to live a life from the heart in pure joy, happiness and abundance.
    Written with love and gratitude
    Sally Bradford

    Bali retreat 3  

    Hi Lynnie, I just wanted to thank you for my healing session today, it was amazing. I feel like I’ve been pulled out of a quagmire. I went and sat on the beach for awhile, got my feet wet in the ocean. Then went and laid under a tree in the park. So good to be in contact with nature. I also had butterflies and dragonflies flying around me. All about transformation. Awesome. I can’t thank you enough. Xxx Lynne

    Hi Lovely Lynnie Precious Angel………. I have sooooooo much to say to you and to thank you for it might take me a couple of goes! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me the way back to my Flower Child Hippy Soul! The real Jodie Lisa…… I have been lost for more years than I have been alive and I have the deepest gratitude to you Beautiful Girl You have saved my life Lynnie, I really mean that……I fell through your door last Sunday so lost and broken but with a deep sense of knowing that I was in the perfect place at the perfect time. You made me feel safe and loved from the minute you opened the door……thank you Lynnie so, so, so much ❤️❌⭕️❤️ Meeting you and coming to your Retreat has been a beautiful, wonderful, exciting life changing experience for me. You have shown me the light….and once you have seen it – there’s NO turning back ✨!! Thank you so much also to everyone else who came to the Retreat…. Yasmine, Kerrie, Nadia. I am so grateful to them all, please thank them for me. I felt so blessed to have been surrounded by such beautiful Souls. Eternally grateful ++++++++++++ How lucky……..’Universal Knowing’ – to have shared the experience with Earth Angels – Mish and Canice, perfect alignment…, so grateful. Lynnie, you have shown me a new beautiful, shimmering path. Every thing looks different now……… Bigger, brighter, sparkling like diamonds – in the sky, the earth……everywhere!! Thank you, thank you so, so much. You are so special Lynnie, I will hold you in my heart forever All the love from my heart to yours, Jodie ❤️xoxoxox

    It really is hard to put into words just how life changing this retreat was for me and my family. I came to visit for a short 3 days stay as a brand new mum nearly 5 years ago. I was putting so much pressure on myself as a mum, a wife and someone who should just be coping with life better, that it nearly broke me. Lyn, her beautiful space that she held, her healing food and the absolutely mind blowing sensory, truly did make you feel healed from the inside out. What truly blew my mind was the INCREDIBLE spiritual and emotional work she assisted me with, WOW.. JUST WOW! This women and her big beautiful heart CHANGED MY LIFE! My relationship with my husband changed, my view of myself changed, who I was as a mother. All the shackles where broken and I was again FREEE TO BE ME. I Exhaled… I have been meaning to get back to this retreat for so long and will be booking another stay ASAP. When I need to rest my soul I think of this haven always…just take me back already!! I love you Lyn – Tracey-Lee

    Lyn your retreat was the best Retreat I have been to and helped me so much on so many levels. Some of the experiences I had at your retreat have changed my world for good and I can’t thank you enough for all your support throughout!!! You are an absolute gem and so full of knowledge and so so caring!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything xxx
    I can definitely recommend as one of the most positively life changing few days. Everyone came with different expectations and needs and yet they all got met.
    Wow what a journey of a week that was !! I feel so so blessed to have met and spent time with you Lyn, I was soooo stressed & emotionally exhausted & desperate for new life direction with my health. To see my eyes change was amazing – from dark and murky – feeling so clogged up, stressed and toxic, – add in a couple of days of fresh juicing, a few days on water & sunshine, lots of rest, throw in the emotional release of journey healing work, love and support from a gorgeous bunch of women and holy crap – I can see the whites in my eyes that I haven’t seen for years :0) Now being home and integrating the new me back into a healthy, stress free life has been very interesting but worth every moment. Thank you Lyn for your love and belief, for being the passionate soul that you are and thank you for all that you do, your words of wisdom and your inspiration. Your love of life and others is wonderfully empowering ! xxx Love you, Canice
    Hi Sunshine, I’m doing fabulous, thank you! I’ve had a few moments of not good (anxiety) but for the most….. Wow, I have been sooo amazing, I am experiencing overwhelming feelings of gratitude, peace and love. OMG it’s been bringing me to tears. Happy! So friggin happy! Thanks to you Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I am meditating, doing my affirmations, listening to magical music (Deva Permal), I’m in love with her lol, I’m reading inspirational quotes every day, oh and 1/2 way through Don Miguel Ruiz, The Mastery of Love and Doreen Virtue, Archangels 101. Love you to bits Mich xx
    I contacted you a few months ago about my dad developing liver cancer and wanted him to join one of your retreats. While we didn’t end up booking him because he kept umm-ing and ahh-ing, and filled up his time with frequent overseas trips instead to indulge in foods, he did stick by one thing you suggested which was the lemon drink. He consistently drank 3 lemons (instead of 5) everyday and he’s just a different person from it. He’s eating more healthier, his liver cancer is manageable and improving, he has lost his gut and he is just much more positive from it. So with all my heart, thank you for sharing the story of one of your customers. Still a long way to go with his healing but progress has been very positive! Thank you Lyn.
     G’day Lynnie, I will keep this brief as I don’t want to come across as some crazy ass groupie / stalker. I just wanted to tell you how much I loved your blogs, especially the “sometimes I suck at the game of life’ blog. Your authenticity and transparency is so, so, so refreshing and much needed in today’s world, you are a fantastic writer, your truth and light shines thru beautifully in your words. Loving your work!!! xxx
    Hi Lyn, I have been for a session with you before and it was absolutely amazing! My life has changed so much and it’s all because of the journey healing!!!!!!
    Hi Lyn, I have watched the first video and starting on the next one…. I just can’t wait to sit and watch the rest!!! I think that you are absolutely amazing and doing an amazing thing for so many…… I am so excited for you and anyone that will have the opportunity to see these videos. I am going to do some work on myself and my husband…. I think we can both benefit from this information. You have explained it so well and the videos are just perfect! Thank you so much I hope you are having a beautiful weekend xxx
    Hi Lyn. Once again technology has not been kind to me, not sure why but I haven’t been able to leave a message after watching video 4. What an inspirational video, just loved it. The messages of illness as a teacher, absolute forgiveness, vibrational energy and reclaiming personal power are amazing and I hope resonate with everyone who views the video. Through using your healing ideas and strategies the world will be a happier and healthier place to live…Deb
     Hi Lynnie, I have just realised I have had a big shift in my outlook on many things since seeing you. I can only explain it by saying I have a very happy heart at the moment and hadn’t been fully aware of how unhappy I was. Also I have had a sore neck for many years due to a few factors and had become accustomed to it but I do not have any soreness at all now! I keep feeling it as I am amazed that the soreness has disappeared. Thanks so much for your time and am very pleased I came to see you and no doubt will see you again at some stage. Best wishes X
    Book Testimonial… Just had the avocado and walnut salad with lemon dressing … and as I speak the chocolate is hardening in the fridge. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited Lyn. I have been shopping today, and tomorrow I am re-arranging my larder. I LOVED the salad. Could this finally be the magic to get my body how I have always dreamed???????? Well done you … the book is great … Even Goody is reading it. I reckon its going to go a storm as the word spreads. So beautifully laid out and so easy and simple to follow. Even Blossom Goodchild can do it! Again CONGRATULATIONS!
    Hello Lynnie I honor and celebrate the truth of who you are. I found your online presence to be motivating and inspiring. You are blessed with many gifts and by sharing them with others you serve humanity as you shower yourself with love and light. You are original and authentic. I hope you are aware of the profound impact you have and of just how special you are. Thank you for being such an engaging and empowering soul. I wish you peace, prosperity and great joy. May you open your heart to the heavens as you let your spirit fly and May you know your true sacred value as you embrace the glory of divine self. Yours in Spiritual Prosperity
    MicHEAL Teal
     The Ancient One
    Dearest Lynnie, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful book of yours! It is written with so much love and care. The stories of the people who found healing are amazing and wonderful. And you have such a gift connecting with old wisdom and bringing it back to us again. THANK YOU so much for that!!! I even started with the water fast a couple of weeks ago and was astounded to see that all day long, I had no feeling of hunger, I felt very light and I was so fit and cheerful, although everybody around me had headaches and felt groggy. I had to break it up though, cause something happened at work that disturbed me a lot, but on the other hand after I settled down, it gave me the clarity I needed to look after myself. And I am very thankful for that. Thank you Lynnie, it was a blessing that your book dropped into my lap through Blossom 🙂 And it also gave me a hint about the Chia-Seeds – another old wisdom that came to the surface. Sending you so much LOVE from Germany Agapi
     Best thing I’ve done for myself, brilliant food and lifestyle education as well as peeling back the layers of life that restricted me from being the true me 🙂 Highly recommend to everyone, any age, gender or religion 🙂 Thank you so much
    Sally-Anne McQuillan
    I have had a bad cough for months and even though I had tried everything to eliminate it, nothing seemed to work. However, after attending Lyn’s health retreat for a week which included two days of raw food and five days juice fasting as well as the Journey work and Voice Dialogue, my cough no longer exits. It went entirely after the second Journey session. I also have more energy and a new zest for life. Whatever your state of health, I highly recommend spending some time with Lyn to help you gain the tools to improve your health and emotional wellbeing.
    It was a big leap of faith for me to attend Lyn’s health retreat, having been diagnosed with cancer and been through 5 operations. I was feeling emotionally and physically drained, dealing with pain on a daily basis and not capable of seeing a clear path to recovery. The 7 day healing retreat has shown me far more than I imagined possible. The emotional and physical pain has gone, along with the cancer!! The various types of therapies, emotional healing, massage, voice dialogue, reiki, yoga, meditation, relaxation and laughter, in conjunction with healthy healing food and positive affirmation have created a miraculous change in my mind and body- one that I will be forever grateful for. Don’t allow self-doubt and cold feet to get in the way of vital, healthy and true happiness. Through adversity great healing can be gained. Health and happiness Lyn.
    Love Debra Walz
    After years of battling with my weight I decided to go to Lyn for an emotional healing. I had just started Weight Watchers AGAIN, but was finding it a real challenge to stick to the diet. In my younger years I had even undertaken some liposuction to help with the excess weight I carried on my thighs. I just couldn’t seem to lose the weight I carried after having 4 children. We focused on my stomach in the emotional process and I was taken through the emotions I felt. A memory of when I was around 13 came to me during this process- it was a memory of constantly being teased for being chubby. I had always felt a degree of anger towards this person who is still in my life today, but never imagined what this anger was doing to me. After the process I didn’t really feel like anything major had taken place. From that day on though, I easily stuck to my Weight Watches diet, all cravings for ‘the wrong’ foods had gone. The weight seemed to drop off me. A few months later I am lighter than I have been in 20 years. I feel like my whole body has changed, I don’t feel like I have a weight problem any longer. I can now enjoy some of the ‘wrong foods’ and still maintain my fantastic weight. I am so confident that it was ‘the healing’ that made the difference that I stood up at my Weight Watches meeting and told this to everyone there. Thank you so much Lyn- I am happy for you to give people my number if they would like verification of this testimonial.
    Sue Hamilton
     For more than 30 years I suffered with, at times, very severe abdominal pain which had a profound affect on my daily life. The only relief when these pains set in was to lie in the foetal position, which would usually end up being all night, as the attacks came more at night than during the day. After having every imaginable test carried out, I came to the realisation that conventional medicine was not going to help me. I was beginning to understand that this condition was caused by some sort of emotional blockage. During the process I had a memory of an experience that had happened during my younger years which had been very traumatic at the time. I had not connected the two – but looking back this makes complete sense. The blocking out of this emotional incident had manifested itself in the form of these abdominal pains. That was now at least two years ago and I have not had a stomach pain since. I cannot speak highly enough of Lyn and her ‘healing hands’ – this has had a profound effect on my life and I am very grateful.
    Fiona Brill
    Dear Lyn, just a few words to say thank you for the time you spent with me and for the wonderful experience of your warmth and beliefs in what you are doing. I had read of and had undertaken some treatment in Reiki several years ago. I felt some relief for the aches and pains but did not experience the wonderful feeling and relaxation I did with you. After the first couple of meetings I had with you I felt my body changing and felt a little tired and slow in myself. I went to my GP to find out why and was told it was the fact that my blood pressure had dropped dramatically and that the BP tablets I was taking was causing me to actually have very low blood pressure. I was taken off the tablets immediately and my blood pressure readings have remained at normal ever since, after 20 years of having to take blood pressure tablets. Thanks to you Lyn and Reiki and the talent you have to make people feel at ease and a little more at peace with themselves and life in general. Should anyone wish to contact me for verification of the above, please feel free to give them my contact mobile number.
    Laurie Hunter
     To write about my healing experience in only one session will be difficult as it was so powerful both on a mental and physical level, not only at the time of the actual healing, but in ways that are continuing to impact my life daily in a very positive way. As a child I was a victim of incest and have spent much time over the years healing myself through various other forms of spiritual help, counselling, therapists etc and had felt that I had got to a ‘healed, peaceful place’ with that childhood experience, however after my healing with Lyn I realized there was a much deeper area to heal that was still impacting my life in every way. At first I felt that nothing would come up during the healing, or perhaps that I would be focusing on other areas, for example I was going through at that time a very vile ugly separation- I thought those issues would come up. At the time I had no idea that these childhood experiences were in fact part of why I had ended up in a separation in the first place. As Lyn worked with me I was able to experience joy and peace in a way I had never experienced before, that can only be described as ‘bliss’. I released blockages in my physical self that had inhibited my sexual self. My entire body experienced cramps and pain that was like knives trying to leave my body and that’s exactly what I had been stuck in all these years- an ache longing to leave my body! The cramps in my legs stayed for 2 days. The shifts that started to break down in the following few days can only be described as blessings in my life. My ex-husband and I have gone from a ‘vile state’ to one of a more mutual understanding and respect and are now able to move through our separation process in a more healthy, positive way. Lyn is a very talented, intuitive healer whose ability and energy is very powerful and I would highly recommend her healing to anyone wanting to move forward in their life instead of staying ‘stuck in the past and their own personal situations’
    Hayley Hunter
     I feel very blessed to have spent time with Lyn in her home nestled beneath the serene Mt Ninderry, an area of rolling hills, tree lined creeks, abundant bird life and a great dose of fresh air. The moment I walked into Lyn’s home, I felt a sense of serenity and calm. I have “indulged” in several of Lyn’s wonderful and liberating ‘journey sessions.” She has a calming spirit, a nurturing soul and an amazing ability to inspire even when I have felt at my lowest. Her meals are delicious, healthy and full of love! Lyn has a beautiful and tranquil home in a secluded area, nestled near the base of beautiful Mr Ninderry. I have enjoyed many cups of tea on the glorious back deck, gazing down the hill at the tree-lined creek bed and out towards the hills and mountains that surround this peaceful home. To stay in this glorious home and experience Lyn’s warm and wonderful spirit and hospitality is an amazing opportunity for anyone wishing to improve their health, or rekindle their spirit and passion for life. Lyn practices Reiki and Journeys but she is not only talented and switched on as a practitioner, she has a wealth of information about simple but effective remedies that work for all types of illnesses. And this stretches to a passion for sharing her knowledge about life, love, and living a peaceful and healthy lifestyle. I leave every time with a lighter head and a new zest for life.
    Di Leeson
    Hi Lyn, I got up this morning and went for a 30 minute walk (in the rain) and all the while I felt really positive, happy and excited inside about the future. I spent the first hour or two of the day feeling great about my new life and love, I even did a little laughter session. I have been shopping today for healthy food and have decided on two goal weights to achieve in the next couple of months to get me where I want to be and of course I have been visualising this and experiencing the feelings of being there to make sure I achieve, as we know if you believe something is possible it is, just ask for it 🙂 Thank you so much for a really inspirational time with you. I truly believe that the combination of healing, information and classes has set me on the path of the future I desire. I will let you know how I go and I wish you all the best in your life and with the retreat, maybe I will see you again before I leave Australia. Thank you again for being such a caring and inspirational person and for helping me clear the blockages that were holding me back.
    Love Amanda, Sydney
    Arriving at Mt Ninderry healing retreat hosted by Lyn was an amazingly easy and welcoming experience. The retreat as part of Lyn’s home is a very intimate and restful place and is perfect for people like me who do not want to get lost in the size of other larger more impersonal establishments. Set amongst the trees with a huge Veranda overlooking the valley this really is a home away from home whilst being a retreat in the true sense of the word, away from the stresses and demands of every-day life. The treatments and healing’s on offer are a perfect balance of what you think you need along with some new experiences that you didn’t know you needed, but that made all the difference in the world. The laughter therapy really was a scream and a great way to start the day whilst the yoga stretched the body instead of the mind. The various healings such as Voice Dialogue and Journey work were extremely effective as well as eye opening with the ultimate result of empowerment to move forward in life leaving past baggage where it belongs, in the past. I took full of advantage of the rigorous massages which were probably the most therapeutic I have ever had and my reading with Mariana was both enlightening and inspirational. A healthy and tasty vegetarian diet completed the experience of renewal and I can assure you that Lyn will not allow you to go hungry. If you are looking for somewhere to go that will offer you the chance of a new start along with a positive, confident outlook on life with endless possibilities then I would highly recommend the 5 day retreat at Mount Ninderry with Lyn and her excellent therapists.
    Amanda Cox
    Dearest Lyn, today is the last day of my 5 Day Retreat and it feels like it’s the first day of the rest of my life. Your wellness program is so well thought out, your therapists are amazing, as are your teachers and instructors, through to the way your chose and prepared the food. I am taking away with me a new inspiration about how I want to care for myself and for my family. Many thanks and blessings to you- I feel you will touch and help heal many people. I highly recommend Mt Ninderry Healing Retreat for anyone needing time out to re-connect and find themselves again. With Love,
    Carmen, Burpengary
    Thank you Lyn for the wonderful healing space : I was nourished in body, mind and spirit . I feel so grateful to find a place where I can be nurtured in many ways, a place where I can feel free to explore the aspects of my life which sustain the blockages that create ill-health. This is a “ me-space” where I can reclaim my health and my joy, my sense of being and my gratitude
    Jillian x
     I was lead to Mt Ninderry Healing Retreat by the Universe. The part that attracted me most and that I needed most was the emotional healing. I was surprised to find out that I hadn’t dealt with some parts of my life experiences that I thought were not an issue. My last healing journey was amazing and I feel ready to let go of past hurts that have been holding me back. As I am not usually one to eat vegetarian foods I was a little worried that I would not like the food but Lyn’s cooking was absolutely scrumptious and I came to look forward to each new and different meal. I even went away with two favourite recipes to make myself. My experience at Mt Ninderry Healing Retreat was exceptional and I would recommend it to anyone without hesitation. Wow, I can’t believe how much of a difference your retreat has made to me on lots of levels! I can never thank you enough. It is up to me now to keep it up. Thank you so much Lyn. You and your retreat are awesome.
    Sandy Gray, Gympie QLD
    I had the absolutely wonderful experience of staying at Mt Ninderry Healing Retreat recently. From the moment I drove up the road towards the spiritual powers of Mt Ninderry, I knew this would be a magical and empowering day ahead. Lyn was a warm and friendly host and the emotional healing journey (marathon effort- thanks Lyn), really changed my perspective on some very important changes I wanted to make in my life. This is something I would recommend to all and sundry. The laughter therapy session with Susan was brilliant- lots of fun and I find myself laughing for no apparent reason (who needs one!). The hour long massage I had in the afternoon was both invigorating and relaxing. One of the best I have ever had! The wonderful cups of herbal tea I enjoyed on the beautiful verandah were just perfect and the gorgeous breakfast and lunch was much appreciated and I thoroughly enjoyed each bite. Yum! Thanks to Lyn my day of focus was empowering and extremely enjoyable- a special day I will never forget and one that I hope to again repeat some time. Lyn you have created a very inviting retreat away from the pressures of every day living. As well as taking care of the physical me, the emotional me was looked after also.
    Annie’s Testimonial 1st day of Spring 2011……I would like to say Lyn that from the very first step inside your retreat I felt a sense of calm. I was there to support my daughter who needed to find herself again so the one day retreat was the start of our journey. I had no idea that I still held major concerns within and you unlocked a lot of hurt and a broken heart. I was very emotional that day but found by the time I had yoga, the emotional journey and a fantastic massage by your gorgeous daughter, I felt as light as a big marshmallow and HAPPY. You said that the healing would go on for another 48 hours and it certainly did as I was able to resolve a lot of issues and I even phoned my brother who I hadn’t spoken to for 13 years. He was so receptive and I felt the bond between us was still there. I could go on and on about our amazing day like the delicious food, your guests who were glowing, Gia your yoga angel and your family….just a beautiful day. Thank you so much. God bless you Lyn.
    Hi Lyn, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your day retreat. It was truly life changing for me. I had a lot of issues as well as stress and low self esteem. Your day retreat opened my eyes to underlying childhood issues I was holding onto, but never realised how much it was affecting my everyday life in the present. My entire outlook is now different, my stress levels have dropped dramatically and I feel a sense of calm more often and I have started taking Yoga classes which I love! The pain we talked about has gone completely and I catch myself smiling during the day for no reason 🙂 Whenever I think of the day I spent there a massive wave of calm and appreciation comes over me. You truly have a fantastic gift and caring nature, thank you so much for everything:) X 1 Day Retreat Sept 1- my new beginning
    Julie Porter
     Hi Lyn, I’m still feeling wonderful. My daughter wants to know “what did they do to you Mum” with tears in her eyes. I replied “changed my life”. That’s all I can reply when anybody asks how it was. I now have a need to share my experience with anybody who wants to hear. Yes Lyn, you have changed my life!! And I’m sure I will be back for an oil and grease change. lol Than you.
    Sonya, Hervey Bay
    My experience at Ninderry with Lyn was perfect- healing, relaxing and living at my own pace. I was constantly encouraged to do what felt best for me. Thank you Lyn for your loving kindness and sharing.x
    Evie, Melbourne


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