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  • Save Your Teeth Through Self Care

    Author : Kathy Hughes
    Written : 2012
    Format : PDF
    Pages : 69
    Price (Normally) : $15.50
    Special Price : $9.95

    When your doctor or dentist tells you that Gum Disease can’t be cured (like I was told), it means that they do not know yet or have not been trained to understand how it can be cured. It does not mean there is no cure.

    Dental care is costly. It’s time to be educated on how to care for your teeth without the harmful use of approaches which we have been doing now since the introduction of toxic toothpastes, toxic toothpastes and mouthwashes, and toxic ingredients used by many dentists such as mercury. Teeth care is a huge money making business but it need not impact on our pockets like it has. Enough is enough…the truth is, healthy teeth does not start with your dentist, it starts with you.

    This e-book contains natural remedies (which also help improve teeth health) for:

    • General Every Day Self Care
    • Treating Toothache without Painkillers
    • Eliminating Bad Breath – Safely
    • Periodontal Disease & Tooth Abscess – what you can do! (and save your teeth and cash)
    • Natural Teeth Whiteners
  • Green Smoothie Superfoods

    Author : Kathy Hughes
    Written : 2011
    Format : PDF
    Pages : 46
    Price (Normally) : $15.50
    Special Price : $4.99

    On the whole most people are seriously lacking in fresh wholesome greens.

    Green foods contain many vital nutrients which have been shown to help with detoxing, overcoming disease and disorders such as anxiety and depression.

    Research demonstrates that disease is a symptom of nutrient deficiency.

    Green Smoothies are an easy way in which to help restore lost essential vitamins and minerals through bad diet, stress and environmental factors.

    This book of 46 pages has made the introduction of healthy living simple. You will find here:

    • What equipment you will need
    • A few recipes to get you started
    • Why greens will supercharge your energy and vitality for life
    • Superfoods which are easily sourced and can be added to really vamp up an already health drink
    • Simple tips for the busy person
    • Much more..
  • Natural Pure Authentic Skin Care

    Author : Kathy Hughes
    Written : 2011
    Format : PDF
    Pages : 100
    Price (Normally) : $18.99
    Special Price : $4.95

    The search for pure authentic approaches to Skin Care, Wrinkle and Acne Treatment is not going to go away. Is it any wonder the skin care industry is one of the most profitable in the world when women will spend thousands of dollars trying to seek that product that does the thing it says it does. This often leads to disappointment with more money spent on trying the next ‘amazing discovery’ you just have to try. The truth is, amazing discoveries are here in plants and earth. By going straight to the source (without hidden additives that you don’t understand and may in fact cause aging), you will be rewarded with the results you are seeking (and more) and save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

    (100 pages broken into 3 mini ebooks)

    • Natural Authentic Everyday Skin Care
    • Natural Authentic Skin Care for Acne
    • Authentic Wrinkle Reduction Marvels

    You will discover:

    • The Purest Moisturisers on Earth
    • Recipes for Cleansing and Purifying the
    • Recipes for Super Powered Mineral
    • How to aid in the treatment of Acne and
    • Natural approaches to detox toxins
      from the skin
    • Anti Aging Approaches that Work
    • Restoring a Healthy ph Balance to the
    • Cooling and Comforting Approaches to
      settle aggravated skin
    • And much much more….

    You can restore your skin to natural radiance where you no longer need to cover up with make-up is simple when you work with the body’s natural mechanism to repair and replenish, by using pure plants and earth – that’s what they are here for…

  • How to Detox Without Starving Yourself

    Author : Kathy Hughes
    Written : 2011
    Format : PDF
    Pages : 110
    Price (Normally) : $10
    Special Price : $9.95

    Download this 110 page ebook to receive numerous ways that you can detox your body which is based on simple authentic approaches.

    Endorsed by Don Tolman with testimonial.

    Contains recipes – detox bathing, kidney & liver cleansing, colon cleansing, energy detox, gallstones removal and so much more…..


  • Three Easy, Best Weight Loss Tips You Will Ever Find

    Author : Kathy Hughes
    Written : 2012
    Format : PDF
    Pages : 69
    Price (Normally) : $15.50
    Special Price : $2.99

    Basically, you are not required to ‘give up’ anything. Stop thinking of weight loss as having to deprive yourself. Instead, by adding some “light” giving tips as mentioned (and many other useful additional approaches at the end of this book) will crowd out the bad stuff. A natural process forms that is innately within all of us – you will love the ‘feel good’ feelings and want more.

  • Christmas Special- ALL BOOKS

    Author :
    Written :
    Format :
    Pages :
    Price (Normally) : $75.50
    Special Price : $22.00

    All FIVE ebooks for only $22.00

    Offer expires on the 2nd January, 2018


    If you have been wanting to know how you can simply add more value to your life in your quest for a healthier you – I’m offering all my books at this special price because I know people are challenged. They are challenged with not enough time, not enough money, and stressed to the max.

    When I started my health journey back in 2006, I wanted to embrace it all! I was 51 and had many health challenges that needed addressing NOW. So I dug in and learned all I could to make a difference to my life and health that I wanted to improve. I spent hundreds of hours learning and researching. The results were all written in these 5 e-books, containing many recipes, tips, and all you need to embrace Self Care.

    Save Your Teeth Through Self Care

    Green Smoothie Superfoods

    Natural Pure Authentic Skin Care

    How to Detox Without Starving Yourself (endorsed by Don Tolman!)

    Three Easy, Best Weight Loss Tips You Will Ever Find

    By just applying one change each week will lead to great change.

    The health revolution is reaching the hearts of millions and 2018 will see this expanding because we’ve had enough, we know that if it is to be, it is up to me.

    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy HAPPY New Year.

    Love Kathy





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