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Salt Water Flush

Detox and Cleanse Your Colon with a Salt Water Flush

The Salt Water Flush can produce superior results for internal cleansing and is a remedy which is used in many detox health retreats. 

While colonics can be a wise move to make for the health of your colon and body, it can be expensive for many people. The Salt Water Flush safely moves through the entire digestive tract whereas some colonics only treat the colon.  


The Salt Water Flush can be done from your own home and has many benefits such as:


• Colon Cleansing


• Increases Energy


• Boost immune system


• Aids digestion


• Helps remove parasites


• Aids in weight loss


• Helps rid your body of toxic residues 




 How to do it:

2 teaspoons of celtic sea salt
1 litre of clean water

1.  Drink first thing in the morning before food. Drink as fast as you can. Some people prefer to drink with a straw.


2.  The time when it begins to work is usually within the next hour which will mean you need to stay close to the toilet. You could find that you will go several times to the toilet within two hours. 

This is an intense cleanse and some people may find they become nauseous – this is normal. Do not worry if you cannot get through the whole litre, you will still have good results.
This protocol can be performed each morning for a few days to several weeks.



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