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Tooth Decay

Can Tooth Decay Really Be Healed?

Dr. Weston Price noted in his extensive research that many native cultures had perfect teeth and gums with decay being a rarity. These native cultures did not have doctors or dentists. Surely this must t

ell us something is wrong with our lifestyle choices, especially the foods we eat and the stressors we place on our body. Maybe something is missing here? Perhaps what we have been taught is not entirely correct? I know my last statement will get some people’s guard up but if we continue to think the old way that is an individual choice. It’s my feeling that we need to start thinking in a new way which has its roots in ancient wisdom and authentic healing. Plus we can learn from many cultures that have not experienced the dental problems that we experience in our world today.

We are told it is important to attend a six monthly check up with the dentist. This does not guarantee that we will have healthy gums and teeth. The dentist will patch up holes and decay and remove plaque that has been for the most part caused by lifestyle choices but attending the dentist is NOT a preventative measure and does not mean you will save all of your own natural teeth. 

Author Dr Robert O. Nara was a man who was passionate about teaching people oral health by “helping people keep their natural teeth in their mouth for a whole lifetime without any pain, without any expense and without any fear and really without ever even going to the dentist.” Stated In a lecture given before the National Health Federation, San Francisco, California 1986 by Dr Robert O. Nara. 

Dr Nara also says that “When people "get with it" by daily eliminating the cause, the body heals itself. The body regrows new healthy gums, calcium and phosphorus are deposited in areas of soft enamel and dentin, thus healing cavities. This is not so amazing to the many folks who already know, that given the chance... the body heals itself. This includes all tissues. Cavities can be made to heal, new bone will grow around the necks of loose teeth, and brand new gums will grow to replace diseased and receded gums”. 

I wish my dentist had the knowledge and information that I am about to share with you when I was seeking teeth health. I absolutely would have embraced it sooner and saved many of my teeth. The teeth I lost was through bad diet, stress, abuse, but the biggest one for me was – heavy medication for over 16 years. Not once did the dentist ask me about my diet or if I was on medication. Not once was I given suggestions of foods or diet that would help my situation. Not once was I given other natural choices of how I could save my teeth and take better care of them. So I had to find the information myself which I now pass on to you.

One of the best things you can do starting right now before you do anything else is to throw away your existing toothbrush and toothpaste. The enamel in your teeth can regrow but many toothbrushes, along with hard brushing and commercial toothpastes actually wear the enamel away, thus causing more problems with your teeth. 

Replace your toothbrush with the softest one you can find and brush as softly as you can or better still, use a cloth to rub and toothpicks dipped in tea tree oil to clean in between. Then use a natural tooth paste or powder based around herbs or other natural substances which will further enhance the health of your teeth and gums rather than harm it. This approach alone will encourage the enamel to regrow on your teeth.

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