• Toxic? Do the Spinal Flush!

    Feel Sluggish? Lack Energy? Toxic? Try the Spinal Flush.

    If you have a partner, ask him or her to give you a spinal flush. A simple remedy that you can have done while standing up or lying on your stomach.

    How its done:

    – Stand 3 to 4 feet away from the wall
    – Rest your arms on the wall
    – Relax and concentrate on your breathing
    – From the base of the skull have your partner massage in a circular motion beside each side of the spine all the way down to your sacrum, concentrating on the notches between your vertebrae
    – Now place your hands and fingers on each side of the spine, starting at the base and swoop all the way down the back to the sacrum or coccyx (tailbone)…do this 3 times.

    This is best done by using the thumb or middle fingers. Breathe while each point is massaged.
    If a point is sore ask your partner to spend more time here to release stagnant energy and blockages.

    As Donna Eden states in her book, “Energy Medicine,” this will
    “energise you, send toxins to your body‟s waste removal systems and clear stagnant energies from your body.” (Donna Eden, Energy Medicine, p 79, Tharcher Penguin, 1998)

    This is a great technique to do with your family before you begin your day. Believe me, after awhile if you miss doing this for a time, everyone notices the difference.


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